Sylvia LeRahl

My prose. Your profit.

A successful professional writer for over ten years, Sylvia has demonstrated experience writing hundreds of blogs, presentations, magazine articles, press releases and product descriptions.

She writes for a variety of satisfied customers who rely on her SEO savvy and writing talent to increase readership and market materials.

Sylvia is a regular blog contributor, research professional and social media connoisseur who supports herself through freelance writing and running a small business. She holds an advanced degree in educational leadership and an undergraduate degree in English.

In addition to being a writer, she recently served as a secondary teacher and the Director of Education and Special Needs at a large Head Start preschool program.

Sylvia's web and print publication credits include Parents Magazine,, eBay, Staples, The Autism Site and The Knot. Additionally, she has authored over 2,000 blog posts, magazine articles, web pages, press releases and product descriptions for various online writing platforms.

Sylvia excels at writing articles that are thoroughly researched and entertaining. She makes informational material accessible to the average reader and seeks to find the human interest angle in most of her writing. She enjoys writing in a variety of niches, including law, education, parenting, games, health and travel.
Content Types
Blog Post, Commercial, Direct Mail, Ebook, Guide, Infographic, Landing Page, Presentation, Press Release, Product Description, Recipe, Website Copy, Whitepaper, Ad/Promotional Copy
More Information
Walden University, Masters in Education
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO USA|English

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