Sylvia Muikia

Content Strategist

Transforming words into visual images

I am a Freelance Writer and Blogger for Hire at Where I provide useful and engaging content on topics about marketing, blogging, freelance writing & productivity tips to business owners and freelance writers. My writing has been published at Lifehack & Thrive Global.

Professional Experience & Qualification: (2 ½ Years Writing Experience)

Has worked as an Executive Assistant, for senior management personnel in the Pharmaceutical, Market Research, Manufacturing and NGO sector. Gained over 15 years industry knowledge and can produce high quality and well-researched content in these sectors. Can adapt different writing styles to suit multiple demographics and audiences. Has understanding of basic SEO concepts and can write on a variety of topics.

My area of expertise is article writing, blog posts, copy writing and social media management and social media graphics/images and flyers. Gained working knowledge of basic content management systems and how to navigate them.

I am a holder of Diploma in Management Section I from Kenya Institute of Management (KIM), Certificate in Comprehensive full Secretarial Business Studies (KNEC) and Computer literate, proficient in Ms. Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook), G-suite and Internet from Kiambu Institute of Science & Technology (KIST).
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Kenya Institute Of Management, Diploma in Management
Nairobi, Kenya|English

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Blog Post
10 Most Productive Countries And What You Can Learn From Them

The satisfaction and benefit experienced when you’re productive gives you confidence and induces a desire to achieve more. Productivity has several definitions; we shall define in relation to economies: Productivity measures output per unit of input, considering factors such as capital, labor, land or any other resource in the production process. It calculates Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a ratio to hours worked.

September 18th, 2018
Blog Post
5 Effective Ways to Create Awareness About Your eBook
May 19th, 2017
Blog Post
August 31st, 2017
How To Create Enjoyable and Memorable Quality Content: (Part 2 of 3)
July 21st, 2017
3 Key ways to create quality content clients love.
July 14th, 2017
3 Simple Ways To Deal With Excitement Drainers In Your Life

What happens when you wake up and you don't feel excited about your life? Suddenly the energy and enthusiasm to pursue your passion and purpose are gone. At this point, reevaluate whether you've allowed these three excitement drainers to creep into your life unnoticed. Let me show you how to rise above them and thrive.

November 13th, 2017
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