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Dedicated Writer and Editor

I am a freelance editor and writer in the human interests niche. My general skills include (but are not limited to) excellent English grammar and sentence constructions, attention to detail, SEO knowledge, absolute avoidance of plagiarism, creativity and good communication skills. My writing interests are easily transferable into most niches as I am driven by presenting clear content which can be easily related to.
My employers all know that when they hire me on, I will always ask if I'm not sure, yet, I am brave and creative enough to work with minimal supervision. I always meet deadlines and go the extra mile, often my employers have asked my opinion and feedback on additional tasks, and I enjoy being able to assist where I can. (It's not just about the money, and I take pride in my work)
Professionally, I have obtained two bachelor's degrees, a Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching and continue developing new skills through various online resources such as Udemy. I have over ten years teaching experience, and I am incredibly hard working.

Some of my clients include Moboreader (editing and ghost writing), Rev.com (video captioning and editing) and the Livingston Research Institute (editing and writing), but my portfolio is constantly growing. I have wide ranging interests and easily adapt to a new online environment or platform.

I live in South Africa with my beautiful family which includes 7 dogs and 3 horses (no, I'm not a cat lady).
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University of South Africa , Bachelor's in Visual Arts (Honors Level)
University of South Africa, Ba Health and Social Services (Spec in Trauma Counseling)
Durban, South Africa|Afrikaans, English

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My Writing
Freelance writer | My Writing

A short story about a semi-fantasy world as seen from the perspective of a war veteran who has PTSD and is no longer able to relate to the 'real' world. The story tracks his journey back to humanity when he cares for an autistic girl.


An article about the reality of parents who become the responsibility of their adult children. This article considers such topics as when/if at all to place an aging parent in a home, what it is like to negotiate with an aging parent, and the redefinition of parent-child roles.

Blog Post
Childrearing has become a hot topic in

An article/blog about the real hazards of raising your child in the modern world. Different approaches to parenting are considered. Potentially this article could be expanded to include references to parenting sites etc.

Blog Post
My Writing

This is a running blog which I maintain with blog pieces about life, relationships, friendships, career changes etc. It's still in it's infancy, but growing steadily.

October 7th, 2018
Equine World Magazine

A reflective article which captures some of the realities which many horse owners face. Each selected discussion point was chosen due to social media interest as assessed on Facebook groups which are related to this topic.

August 31st, 2019
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