Robert Winberg

Editor, Graphic Designer, Videographer

Motion Graphics Animator - Video Editor - Video Producer

My name is Robert Winberg and I run a small video production business with my wife Jacque. I have a background working in the film and television industry for companies like Warner Bros., ABC Television, and Marvel Studios. I have been doing freelance video editing motion graphics, and even producing live action shoots for my own clients since I was a college student. As I progressed in the entertainment industry I gained considerable experience working in post production on shows
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Animation, Commercial, Corporate Video, Explainer Video, General Video, Motion Graphic, Product Video, Video, Social Video, Narrative Video, News Video
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Published Content

Corporate Video
PDC Office Video

This is a branding video I made for PDC Capital Group.

July, 18 2014
Motion Graphic
Documentary - Opening Graphics

This is the opening animation I did for a TV-Documentary about Immigration.

April, 19 2018
Explainer Video
Lease with an Option to Purchase

This is an animated explainer video I made about a Lease Option Program.

October, 13 2017
Motion Graphics Reel (featuring 3D graphics)

This is a reel I whipped up to showcase my motion graphics abilities when I was first getting started in this business about 4 years ago.

February, 19 2015
Political Advocacy Video

This is a video I made for a group of teachers that were trying to inspire other teachers to vote NO against a proposed union deal.

May, 18 2018
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