Tanmaya Murthy

Creative Content Writer

A final year university student from New Delhi, India. With a passion for writing and travelling, Tanmaya describes herself as someone who loves to sculpt her imagination, ideas and transform them into inked pages. Writing takes her to another world where she lets her dreams find newer vistas. She adores fiction and poetry the most because according to her, they are perhaps the only few getaways from the realms of reality.
She had the privilege of being a part of KidSpirit Online www.kidspiritonline.com), a US based online magazine's Editorial Board, as a member of the Indian Satellite Editorial Board. She has also volunteered as the Poetry Editor of Amazing-Kids! Online Magazine (mag.amazing-kids.org), a US based non-profit organization and online magazine for kids and teens across the globe.
Sojourning in hills nestled amidst greenery, reading and watching thrillers, coding and developing new things, theatre and an immortal love for music portray a petite list of her interests
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