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I am a Freelance Writer for over 10 years and counting now. I am creative with my words but I understand the importance of quality writing with SEO enhanced quality. I have been employed with Textbroker.com. Yes, the content mill, but I have gained a tremendous amount of experience working for this company. I have written about travel destinations, famous people, major companies like Toshiba, and have written creative articles, how-to content pieces as well as a wide variety of ad sales with a dash of product reviews.
I now concentrate on Freelance work with the care of Blog with Passions at the first and foremost importance. My goal is to help others thru my writing in some way. It is my way of giving back.
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Blog Post
5 Ways How Positivity Affects the Brain

This article was intended on informing reader exactly how positivity affects the brain and medically stated reasons as to how it works with your brain.

March, 29 2018
Blog Post
7 Benefits of Using Pinterest for Business

This is a beneficial article for business owners to understand the benefits of Pinterest. Many business owners are unaware of the benefits and buy-able pins that the site now has available. This is a gold mine for business owners. I felt I needed to share how Pinterest could be helpful for others.

April, 13 2018
Blog Post
#1 Issue with Pinterest Posts

This article is by far the best article that has generated traffic for my blog. The post was created after I was viewing Pinterest posts for personal reasons and I kept running across dead links, or to something that doesn't even make sense with the photo. I get it. It is Affiliate Marketing badly done, but I wrote this post to inform bloggers to update their posts and links. Also to inform Pinterest users why they were seeing bad links in the first place.

April, 17 2018
Blog Post
10 Ways Goals Help you be Successful in Life

10 Ways Goals Help you be Successful in life is a simple guide for those who hear about goals, but are not really sure what they are their for in the first place. It gives 10 reasons as to how they can be helpful to anyone.

May, 16 2018
Blog Post
3 Steps to Getting Exactly What You Want in Life

The article is written for those who do not understand that life is meant to be joyful and abundant. I speak with people daily and they are in such turmoil and believe that their lives are meant to be like a rat race and its not. This post was to inform them how to achieve the life of their desires. No matter what kind of life they want.

May, 16 2018
Blog Post
40 Days to New You

This article was a challenge that I myself had taken. I wanted people to understand that life is meant to be abundant and joyful. Issue is most people do not know where to start. This is where I started and explained the story to them as to how they can complete something similar. This is also a Affiliate Marketing article that is driven by traffic from Pinterest. I only use Pinterest for my marketing as it gives me the best results of all social media.

July, 24 2018
Enriching Lives with Prosperity, Wealth, and Good Health
April, 23 2018
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