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Inspiring a better place where fantasy meets reality, one book at a time.

As a child I remember drowning myself in fantastical stories where I could escape reality if only for a few hours as I aquatinted myself with characters I could often times relate to, or aspire to be. History has proven that difficult times come and go, but a good story no matter what age, can transport you through time and space to a place where possibilities are endless. Relating to characters can change the way we view life and open our eyes to more than we ever imagined. It’s the foundation for bringing togetherness where we are otherwise divided. Often times we categorize ourselves and each other making it hard to relate and empathize with one another. In reality, most of us have more in common than meets the eye. In the good and the bad, it is so important to break down the barriers in narrow minded thinking and have the tough and honest conversations that heal. Doing this cannot only be healing for ourselves, but our families, communities, our Nation and as the human race. God calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Applying these principles is the essence of love and life and what makes the world a better place.
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