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I am blogger and poet having fallen in love with writing since 2004. Took it seriously with blogging in 2007 and maintained one from 2011 to date. I have written numerous poems in between and released a book. I continue to grow my writing skills as I keep learning from pros and upcoming writers alike. With my filmmaking background, storytelling lies at the heart of all my pieces as I encourage others to make the most of every day, impacting the lives of many in the process.
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Tertiary Education in Visual Storytelling, Trade Degree in Filmmaking
Harare, Zimbabwe|English

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Hear Instruction, Heed Correction

This is a depiction of the lesson one learns regarding the perspective of a rebuke and correction, particularly, weighing the positive and negative effects.

April, 7 2014
Hear Instruction, Heed Correction
May, 14 2014
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Breath Of Destiny Screenplay.pdf

This is a story about a girl who goes through the challenges of finding a job after school and has to choose between creating a life for herself or be forced to make a decision about her future she may live to regret.

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Press On Past The Pain

This piece is an encouragement on dealing with trying times as the client's blog is about imparting life's lessons and words of wisdom to others.

November, 17 2018
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Breakthrough With Desire- 10 Ways To Do What You Want And Make It Count.pdf

This is an ebook I wrote and published on Amazon. It can be found here: https://amzn.to/2S8np1V

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