Taylor Landrum

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter

The content I write makes everyone’s lives easier

Content needs to be clear, simple, and authentic. When it is, your customers will engage more with your brand. The era of marketing gimmicks and fluff are behind us, and now we live in a time where consumers have no time for the BS. We have too much information and too many options. Your audience needs to know what you do and why it makes their life better within seconds of landing on your page.

My method:
In order to write effective content, I need to learn about you, your business, and your brand. This is allows me to write in your voice, and deliver a clear and simple message that resonates with your customers. This leads to more website traffic, and a stronger social media presence.

About me:
I have been writing digital content professionally for 2.5 years. My primary focus areas are digital agencies and retailers (brick and mortar & online), but my content writing strategies can be applied to any industry. I also have 5 years of experience in data analytics, which I apply to my marketing content strategy for your business.
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Social Card, Landing Page, Social Copy, Website Copy, Page Layout
More Information
Northern Kentucky University, Entrepreneurship/Marketing
Cincinnati, OH, USA|English

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