Teagan Carlson

Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writer

Copy that Converts, Content that Compels

The days of keyword stuffing are over.

So are those attempts to backlink with poorly written blogs created in content mills. To optimize, you need content that establishes you as a credible authority. To convert, you need content that creates an informative and engaging user experience. 

Here's a brief overview of my credentials:

As an account executive in a boutique advertising agency, I worked within many different industries. My responsibilities extended well beyond client management--  I wrote copy, developed campaigns, hired talent, and acted as the PR liaison for the following clients (you could say I'm a little Type-A): 

- Forever 21
- One Clothing
- Girl Cosmetics
- The FrameStore

Sure, my speciality was fashion and entertainment, but I'm no one-trick pony. Before advertising, I was the senior writer and marketing specialist for a company that manufactures dental technology. I currently produce content for finance, fintech, real estate, SaaS, tech, and B2C retail.

I have a masters in psychology and education, plus 15 years experience teaching English, rhetoric, and composition. I create great copy because I have a clinical understanding of your audience, and I know how to persuade them through words alone.

Plus, I hold the following certifications:
- Content Marketing Certification by HubSpot (2018)
- Inbound Certification by HubSpot (2018)
- Google Ad Fundamentals (certification 10/22/2018)

And I've taken the following coursework:
- Conversion Copywriting 101 by CopyHackers
- SEO Training Course 2018 by HubSpot

If you're serious about using content to help drive your business, I'd love to help.
Content Types
Article, Blog Post, Whitepaper, Ebook, Website Copy, Product Description, Case Study, Buyers Guide, Press Release, Direct Mail, Infographic Copy, Guide
More Information
California State University, Northridge, M.Ed. Psychology
California State University, Northridge, B.A. Honors English Literature
University of California, San Diego, undergrad
California, PA, USA|English

Published Content

Website Copy
GenerousCards.com FAQ

The client requested rewrites to the FAQ section of their website, with keyword and branding focus.

November, 1 2018
Blog Post
Generous Experience Gift Cards

Generous Cards asked me to produce an SEO-focused, research-based article on gift giving for their top of the funnel marketing.

November, 1 2018
Want Your Grade-Schooler to Get into College? Better Start Molding Her Now.

An article about ways to prepare a child for college admissions, even as it becomes more difficult to be accepted.

California’s School Bond Measure Conundrum

This article addresses the increase in school bond measures to generate fudning for California schools.

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Ad/Promotional Copy
One Clothing-Windsor Fashions Print Ad

I created the One Clothing slogan "In every crowd, there's always One" and the ad campaign that branded One Clothing, a manufacturer of junior fashion.

Image upload
Ad/Promotional Copy
Optum Dental Imaging Brochure

This brochure was created for B2B distribution at dental technology conventions.

PDF upload
Press Release
CBGB Fashion Press Release

This press release announced punk music icon CBGB's entrance into the fashion industry with a branded line of punk-inspired clothing.

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Buyers Guide
CDM Dental Management Software Manual

This is an excerpt of a training manual created for CDM Practice Management Software.

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Ad/Promotional Copy
Optum Print Ad

The Optum intraoral camera is a dental device. This ad was published in dental publications and directed toward dentists.

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Ad/Promotional Copy
Girl Cosmetics brochure

This brochure was distributed by major retail chains where Girl Cosmetics was sold.

PDF upload

The client asked me to create 15-20 lessons on improving credit standing. Lessons are provided as part of a value-added online instructional course.

September, 30 2018
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