Teseo Guerra

Critical, Analytical, Open-Minded, Never Cynical.

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I am from a technical background in repairs and mechanical operation. I have a vast and ever-expanding curiosity which has led me through years of learning a variety of trades in dismantling and repairing things and I always have something to say about how things are designed, made, and put together.

I love to write and speak about the benefits of new technologies and tools that inspire others to look deeper into the work that's put into the things that we spend so much of our money on that are there to make life easier.

As a hobby as a kid, I reviewed products on YouTube and discussed how i felt they could be improved and redesigned to perform their tasks more efficiently.

I was also a martial arts teacher for some time to students of ages 3 to 50+, teaching not only self defense but mostly spiritual techniques of self development and growth. I watched kids grow up to impress me and adults change their lives permanently.

consider me for the writing of your articles and blogs for your company's growth.

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