Daryl Fein

Firearms Expert, Sporting Goods Professional, Building Brands with insight into a consolidating industry.

Contemplative and well rounded, drawing from a lifetime of cumulative industry experience; Sports, Firearms and Instruction, Art and Politics. Providing a unique insight into the Sporting Industrial Complex, currently employed with a 'Big Box' retalier. I am a DOJ Certified Firearms Instructor, with a Certificate of Eligability to sell Firearms in CA, and an active consumer of Art and Culture. My 14 years experience in the Sporting Goods Industry allows me to illucidate perspectives from the stand point of an expert. Having also been immersed in the Snow Sports industry for 10 years, I am a certified Ski and Snowboard Technician, and Certified Bootfitter. Understanding the nuanced relationship between retailer and customer, along with the technical aspects that increase performance and profitability. I'm apt to debate, debunk, exalt and explore a broad spectrum of ideas and observations. Ready to breathe life and expert opinion into any narrative, eager to deliver solid content and authorship to any perspective assignment.
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