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I am a university student in my second year. One of my hobbies is reading novels and manga. Apart from that, I also like sports and martial arts.

I am a twenty years old student at the University of Mauritius, a small island in the south of the Indian Ocean, also considered as an African Country. Right now I am studying the undergraduate course Ba in English, an interesting course I must say but nevertheless demanding both in time and effort (Understanding and interpreting Chaucer and Shakespeare can be quite exhausting). I am still green where it concerns work experience and that can be quite a detriment in my future as a freelancer, however, I can take pride in my writing style and can assure you that it will only take a turn for the best with time. Aside from that, I get along pretty well with a lot of people and has been able to strike a good first impression most of the time, and that's what I'm hoping for right now. Being a freelancer for me is the best way to improve myself in my field of study and future carrier but also earn some money; it is in search of such an opportunity that I came across CLEARVOICE (quick shoutout to the blogger from which I learned about this webpage: and decided to take the leap with a lot of hope for a positive response. That's it. I'll be waiting for you guys!!!
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University of Mauritius, Ba in English
Beau Bassin-Rose Hill, Mauritius|English, French, Hindi

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