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Tessa G. is author of the blog whispersinthetrees.com, a freelance writer, editor, and online course auditor as well as a Columnist for The Good Men Project and The Mindful Word. The single Mom of four boys, Tessa candidly discusses everything from single parenthood, health & wellness, and mental health to busting social norms on her blog.

A former Triathlete and a Personal Trainer, Tessa lives with Fibromyalgia, migraines, and joint problems. She has learned to live life to the fullest through exercise and meditation, and loves sharing her tips and life skills with readers. Tessa's real passions are empowering others, and promoting businesses that she feels have something to offer to her readers. Recently, Tessa began to edit copy for books written by fellow writers, and review them both on her blog and in other marketing. This has led to requests to edit and audit online courses for other bloggers, and to share them with the online community through social media groups.
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University of Manitoba, Bachelor's Degree Psychology, minor in Sociology with Honors
Ottawa, ON, Canada|English, French

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