Tiffany Anne Firmeza


To apply my knowledge and skills allowing continuous learning process and professional growth through extensive practical experience with great contribution to productivity and development


*With good grammar particularly in the English language
*Able to express thoughts through writing with ease and clarity
*Possess comprehensive knowledge on every selected subject matter to write about
*Prefer topics related to art, nature, business, marketing, fashion, and travel
*Can conduct significant background research regarding viewpoints
*Capable of using blogging platforms particularly Wordpress and Blogger
*Adept in taking photos and editing with the use of Adobe Photoshop or other tools
*Blog site: Voguish Guise


*Can communicate effectively
*Knowledgeable in computer programs and software
*Possess flexibility, reliability, and responsibility to all obligations
*Able to multi-task and work efficiently
*With clever analytical skills and capable of acting accordingly
*Capable of implementing solutions to complex problems
*Eager to learn and apply new concepts
*Hold good leadership and management skills
*Can easily adapt to any kind of work environment and get along with colleagues
*Hold strong interpersonal skills being able to liaise with clients
*Transculturally competent in dealing with people from various cultures
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Article, Product Description, Blog Post
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Colegio San Agustin - Bacolod, Nursing
SoFA Design Institute, Fashion Design & Marketing
Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines|English

Published Content

Blog Post
Learning How to Shade

We did illustrations of the models for one of our exams when I was a student then we were made to draw them again after corrections were given and taught by our teacher how to shade.

November, 5 2013
Blog Post
Ascent to Garments

We had to do 8 sketches of models with garments and my basis for choosing what to draw were the fabric or material, the cut, and the style. I wanted them to be of different kinds so I could dynamically practice doing fashion illustrations.

November, 15 2013
Blog Post

We had to illustrate an outfit collection and prepare a presentation for it. But like any other design process, before starting to sketch the pieces, a moodboard should be done first.

February, 28 2014
Blog Post
SALON Fashion

Being a fashion volunteer at the SALON show last April 28, 2014 at Fairmont Hotel -Makati was a fun experience. From backstage to the runway, I witnessed the happenings. I’m very honored to closely see those great designers involved who were Cesar Gaupo, Dennis Lustico, Lulu Tan-Gan, and Joey Samson. Their pieces make exciting assemblages. Each of them was asked by Smart to create a collection inspired by the Live More logo. Also seeing the models especially the supermodels Jo Ann Bitagcol and Ria Bolivar in person was a nice feeling. They were so effortless yet the way they strut makes an impact.

May, 2 2014
Blog Post

Pantone markers had never been my medium. I was not even acquainted to it before. But in class, we were introduced to the brands like Promarker, Prismacolor, and Kurecolor. Our professor taught us the right technique as well. We were tasked to design outfits according to the kinds of fabric that she required us and we should be able to achieve how those fabrics actually look like. Eventually, I began to love using it because I could create better sketches.

May, 11 2014
Blog Post

We had to design casual outfits, cocktail dresses, and long gowns that would match the clay accessory we made inspired by the historical articles we saw at the Ayala Museum. Two for each type and they should be inspired from the Philippine national costumes as well.

August, 7 2014
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