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I grew up in a small state out of the northeast part of the United States. I played piano, went to recitals, helped out with everyday chores, and eventually became employed as a full-time produce employee. I worked at Walmart for a while until i decided to find something better and eventually I found and worked at I am a full-time Amazon packager today and on my days off I work with and make various articles as a professional author. I enjoy this type of work and am interested in getting hired on with Clearvoice as well! I know how to write multiple articles that range from general categories such as medical-based articles, travel articles, articles about vitamins and medicines, and much, much more.
Besides taking a Pharmacy Technician course at Amazon, I also enjoy painting on canvas, and like garlic. Garlic not only helps people naturally lose weight, but it also rids a person of terrible parasites that are in their gut and body. The medicinal movement in a clove of Garlic is best calculated by it's Allicin content. Allicin is considered a sulfur compound that helps in protecting the human liver. Allicin can also aid in removing toxic metals and too much estrogen in a person's body as well. Some of the most interesting benefits of Allicin are such things as thinning the blood, having many antibacterial properties, preventing cancer from growing, and overall lowering one's cholesterol levels.
I am eager to get started with ClearVoice and to learn how to better create articles and content. I am ready to start working right away.
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American Public Univeristy online; A Beka Book , Completed 2 CounterIntelligence classes, received my G.E.D. took a Pharmacy course
Columbus, OH, USA|English

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