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How to apply eyeshadow

- Before Application:

When applying eyeshadow there a few prerequisites that need to be in place for safe measure as well as ensuring a smooth, vibrate, and long lasting look. I will provide those prerequisites for you in this short list:

Make sure that you wash your or the clients face first to ensure that you are beginning on a clean and sanitized surface. It is also advised to make sure that any makeup tools being used on the face are clean as well.
Apply a primer to the clean eyelid. This will absorb any excess oils in your skin ensuring that the eyeshadow will not crease; moreover, a primer can add brightness to any color making it more opaque.
Lastly, you want to make sure that your work area is well stocked and prepared. As it can be pretty cumbersome looking for supplies that are not readily available once you start to work on the makeup look. It is also always a great idea to have a makeup look in mind and a reference for that look if one is available.

- Application Process:

The first steps may seem like a lot and they are definity optional; however, it is advised for optimal results. Now that we have the preparation out of the way, we can focus on an eye look that is stunning and breathtaking in its own right, and to achieve this begins a process as well.

The first thing you want to do is lay a base color all over your/clients eyelid. You are going to want to make sure that this color is close to the skin tone because this color is for the purpose of blending. Once eyelid is completely dusted with base color (also referred to as a transition color), you can move on to step number 2.
Apply and blend all desired colors. Place colors in the areas of the eyelid where you would like them to be most opaque, then blend and fade out the edges of that area. If blending with another color, make sure to go back and forth between each color to make sure that each are well blended (add color when needed to ensure vibrancy in all colors).
Once color application and blending is complete, you will want to add the finishing touches to your eye makeup look. What I mean by finishing touches is eyeliner, eyelashes (if they are worn by you or the client), and mascara. Once those are added, the eye makeup look will be considered complete.

- Finishing Steps:

Some prefer a more glamorous look with full coverage foundation, contour, and highlights. While other may prefer less foundation coverage and maybe light tint or no foundation at all. Once your eye makeup is done, you’ll usually have some fall out from your eyeshadow products. Here is a list of steps clean up your face for further make application or a clean fresh face.

Wet a rag with lukewarm water and wipe all the areas of the face where eyeshadow has fallen at.
A cotton pad with rose or micellar water can be used for extra skin enriching benefits.
A q-tip can also be used for hard to reach areas ( I would recommend not to use anything harmful to the eyes or skin when implementing these techniques.)
Once done with clean up, you can spray face with a refresher water of your liking to lock in your makeup look and you are free to start the day.
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