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A mixed bag of writing skills with engaging and well researched content as my focus.

I have a mixed bag of writing skills always with the focus on engaging readers. That's particularly important when trying to build a following for a subject. Organic growth on a social media platform is a good barometer of a writers ability to grow an audience and I have achieved this with a large following for a subject I've specialised in - Polar History and in particular the life of one man whose story remains unheralded.
In 2018 I released a biography about the subject, a man called Tom Crean and it has generated great reviews from those who've read it. History in general remains a subject that I have a passion for and my research is thorough in any form of writing commission that's asked of me.
I was a kitchen specialist for much of my career and my writing was once to dedicated to assisting kitchen buyers and help them identify the wheat from the chaff.
I have a number of published articles in the kitchen magazine sector and was commissioned to write a monthly column for trade magazines.
A kitchen buyers guide website I once operated came to the attention of Granada TV and led to my being invited to a meeting to discuss an idea for a show that aimed to undertake wholesale design changes to 4 or 5 rooms in an hour. This meeting led me to being hired as Project Consultant to 60-Minute-Makeover. I remained on the show for two series and later undertook a challenging TV project to renovate a run down terraced house to prove a political point that rehousing was a costlier exercise than renovation and part of that greater cost was in breaking up of long established communities.

From 2015 to 2017 I was hired to undertake social media marketing and to generate interest for a Finnish Kitchen manufacturer who were keen to gain a foothold in the UK Market for an eco-friendly kitchen. My strategy included the creation of social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from which I could connect to articles and posts that distinguished the product from the competition. I put my knowledge of the UK kitchen industry to best use in building an audience for the product. My role included meeting UK kitchen retailer after identifying their suitability to offer the product and I utilised a number of contacts to help broaden the products appeal.

My focus now is on writing and I am happy to take on projects that fit my skillset and that appeal to me. I am a seasoned blog writer, Facebook creator and page administrator. I work on developing and publishing articles shaped by good research and I am conversant with and post content to popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.
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