Tina Nataros

Copywriter, Ghostwriter

Writing means bringing imagination to life

For me, being a writer is a journey. Mine started with an early cognition of having to tell stories. At first, they were trivial and just a mix of what any kid picks up along the way. Later the ability to read and write came, and it opened a path to a new destination. A destination of growth, and it is a never-ending one.

Some destinations ended in milestones. The first one was officially becoming a journalist after four years of studying. What followed is working as a journalist for a year and a half in an online youth magazine. There, I had the luck to create a science and tech column. I gained a lot of new knowledge, but I was hungry for more. Then a master's degree in Communications came, and it allowed new opportunities. Soon, I moved to Portugal, where I studied Communications for one semester at Beira University. It wasn't enough, so I became a volunteer at the Red Cross in a small Portuguese village, where I worked as a social media manager. I also used that time to create a workshop of the English lessons for marginalized groups. Finally, I was determined to improve my writing skills, which led me to Upwork. There, I became more experienced with writing book outlines, ''how-to'' articles and listicles, blog posts, and affiliate marketing content.

But my hunger for new experiences and knowledge never stops. That led me to this opportunity. I hope that this can be a place where I can challenge myself and help you achieve your vision.
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