Tony Acevedo-Ramirez

Copywriter, Graphic Designer

If you think your Marketing strategy is good, I can improve it.

I call myself a direct-response copywriter, but over my career, I realized how important it is to have a well-rounded mastery in knowledge on digital marketing. (If any aspect of your marketing is slightly mediocre you can lose dozens of conversions.)

I hold a high standard for the work I produce;
If you expect that hiring a team of qualified marketers with 10+ years of experience using the best lead-tracking/funnel building software is going to ensure you're getting the best possible ROI, you need to realize that something is more important than the experience.

More than anything, your team needs proper guidance. Everyone needs to be willing to consider the weaknesses of their strategies/tactics and resolve them.

I never treat any knowledge or advice as if it were a scientific law. I've consulted for hundreds of companies to improve their strategies including the structures, copy, graphic design, etc.

If you need someone that'll be committed to your company rather than trying to make quick money, I'm your guy.

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