Tory Howard

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Writes for completion, edits for obsession

Another random person seeking their fortune in freelance. Excels at down to earth, descriptive work or dark ramblings about society. There is no in between. Likes baking lopsided things and and walking in the rain.

Postscript: If you look at my content, it's not difficult to figure out that "published on google docs" means I wrote it on google docs, which is just a word processor, and not a magazine or blog or anything that can actually equate to being published. You may also notice how it says "Content" and not "Published Content." So let me just put it out there: I. Have. No. Experience. So if that's what you're looking for, you can go ahead and click off. Wait, no give me a chance. Yeah, I don't have a nice blog article I can show you to, but the content still gives you a taste of my writing style, and that's the point of them, right? I am a rookie, with no credentials or published work. What I also am though, is affordable and open to taking most writing and editing jobs. Give it a spin.
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Traveling to High Altitude Locations
Traveling to High Altitude Locations
Bruschetta with Onion and Parmesan
Bruschetta with Onion and Parmesan
Tulum Ruins
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Tulum Ruins
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