Traci Owen


Mom, wife, author, crafter, mental health enthusiast

Mom: daughter with Oppositional Defiance Disorder and ADHD, daughter with OCD; Wife: Husband has Substance Abuse adiiction; Author: Self-published; Crafter: DIY, handmade stuffed animals, costume Jewelry, upgrades to boring old items; Mental Health: a personal relationship with non-military PTSD, Anxiety and depression. Each one of these pieces help complete my story, which allows me to connect with others and give people hope. Hope is the greatest gift that anyone can give.
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Addison Online High School, High School Diploma
Mesa, AZ, USA|English

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Traci Davis (@traci.e.davis) • Instagram photos and videos
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Take Two

Working through Anxiety and Depression together, rising through the challenges, and whenever relapse happens, we take two, share our experience, and try again.
Bride In Chains

Another world, much like home. Nobles, royals, and.... vampires? Finding herself in the evil clutches of a villainous prince, with many new surprises, Agathesis stands before her new king, in chains both steel and made of emotion. How will she rise above these challenges and do what she came here to do? Or will she forever stay - A Bride in Chains

April, 14 2018
The Fallen

What if everything you were ever told to believe about Heaven and Hell......was wrong? An Abusive God takes the throne and an angel falls to another world. Fighting for survival, and for her people while He fights for power and total domination. Who will truly become...the Fallen

February, 6 2018
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