Travis Mc Farland

Graphic Designer


I find people fascinating and have an experienced understanding of how to motivate, encourage and lead people from all walks of life.
Managing small-medium projects and businesses who, in turn, ensure employees have the resources required to offer personal, confident, professional and friendly service to customers and clients. It is Human nature to want to be better than yesterday when people are appreciated and rewarded for their experience and value to a project.
I am now focused on deploying my Graphic Design skills and working from my home office, offering an online Graphic Design service called Virtual Magic By Design.
I would appreciate the opportunity to put my skill set to use on this platform and welcome any questions you may have regarding my skills and abilities concerning your Graphic Design requirements.
I look forward to working on this platform and thank you for your interest and time.
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Illustration, Graphic
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Port Shepstone High School, Matric
Johannesburg, South Africa|Afrikaans, English

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