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Content marketing strategy consultant and President of Symbolscape Inc., a boutique content marketing studio in Silicon Valley.

I am a content marketing strategy consultant and President of Symbolscape Inc., a boutique content marketing studio with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area. We serve our clients with a robust array of content marketing capabilities, from content marketing strategy consulting and content production services to marketing technology stack consulting and multichannel content management.

We subscribe to a simple idea—people use language to make sense of the world. No technology is more powerful than language—the words, images, sounds and other symbols that shape our experience. Leveraging a deep understanding of the logic that ties the pieces of our culture together is the Symbolscape difference.

As the content arms race compounds and attention spans dwindle, marketers are coming to an increasingly unsettling conclusion: just having content is not enough. Intelligent content marketing strategy means creating content in meaningful context, building a symbolscape of persuasive brand signals to shape perception.

We know that you're probably not in the media business, but to be successful with content marketing you have to approach your content as a product. You must build actual value and maintain the same rigorous attention to detail and quality control that you bring to your regular products and services.

Symbolscape exists to help business leaders address this challenge. We pair brand positioning theory with the ancient arts of rhetoric and narratology, designing fundamental brand storytelling concepts that will serve as the building blocks of the new marketing paradigm.

Our approach to content is driven by qualitative principles and a devotion to pride of craftsmanship that comes from a passion for the arts. But we know that technology matters and the marketing technology stack is vast. We have developed deep expertise in martech and digital marketing tactics and align all of our content services to the technology backbone.

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