Tweety Elitou

I bring the art of fashion, true beauty and the power of being a girl to every article.

Tweety Elitou is an experienced fashion writer who has grown up in the fashion world since the age of five. Her core values are rooted in the fundamentals of great style and good taste.

Fashion is an energy that emanates from each of us helping one another to bring forth our true inner beauty. In bringing forth her own inner beauty, Tweety’s personal mission is to engage the fashion reader with a first hand, fresh and honest approach to the all important knowledge that fashion and beauty is an art.

Tweety specializes in fashion forecasting, trend reports, and the business of fashion in order to bring forth new life to any media outlet that is looking for fresh and exciting content while stimulating the minds of every reader with the inspirational possibilities which comes with unique articles of such an age old preoccupation.

It is Tweety's personal commitment that when you hire her and her staff of writers, both you and your readers will experience the true beauty and art that is fashion.
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