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Ty Leisher is a freelance writer, screenwriter and director from Los Angeles. He grew up in the shadow of Hollywood and was addicted to telling stories with moving pictures from a very young age. He has had the honor of directing such talented actors and musicians as MTV’s Faking It star Michael J Willett, Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner, The Voice’s Erick Macek, Dexter star Dave Baez and Poker Pro Ali Eslami. Ty was selected as a semi-finalist in the 2015 Sundance Episodic Story Lab for his drama pilot, The Line. He followed it up with the Sundance Semi-finalist, Nuns with Guns, which is being produced and stars Tom Sizemore and directed by long time manager Robert Enriquez, making his feature directorial debut. His 2012 web series, Bullets was heralded as “Better than Rounders” by Bluff Magazine. Ty is currently writing a New York City disaster film while in post-production on his debut feature film, 11th Hour Cleaning. Recently, he adapted Hemdale, a biopic about legendary producer John Daly who helped start the career of Oliver Stone and James Cameron.
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