Tyler Laske

Editor, Ghostwriter, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Writer

Edgar Allan Poe's beautifully melancholic tone mashed together with William Shakespeare's comedic tendencies and romantic motifs.

I am first and foremost a Writer, a Poet specifically. It's my truest passion; followed by music (I am a Drummer and a Vocalist) and my physical, graphic artforms. The majority of my display art is drawing in graphite/charcoal, followed by digital media art, as in graphic design (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc); my experience with Adobe software got my foot in the door with photographers I happened to be on set with while living in the New York area in 2018. My creative input on-set led to being asked to do a fair amount of photo editing for a select few photographers; most of which wondered why I wasn't a photographer myself, based on my input on-set it was surprising to them I wasn't shooting the lens myself. One of the NYC area professional photographers was so dumbfounded by my inexperience with shooting film, (considering his opinion being that I naturally had "the Eye" for photography), felt compelled to give me a professional quality mirrorless Sony camera as a gift; with the only stipulation being that I make something of this. So, thanks to him, here I am!
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