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I'm a native italian speaker and ten-year experience proofreader, translator and writer. As a professional italian writer with experience writing any kind of texts, I think you'll find I have the skills you're looking for. I'm wrapping up a project now and will have availability beginning today. I know perfectly italian grammar, word usage and spelling, as confirmed by oDesk tests. I also know English language, grammar and spelling very well (C1 level). If you decide to hire me, I'll deliver this work as soon as possible starting from your reply. I've worked a lot with Italian and English best content and translations marketplaces, such as Hotype, Melascrivi, Scribox, Great Content, O2O. I write Italian/English contents for websites and blogs and I translate full websites too. These are my past studies: - In 2006 I got the First Certificate in English (B2) - In 2007 I got the Zertifikat Deutsch in German (B1) - In 2008, I got the Scientific High School Diploma (languages and literatures learnt in High School: Italian, English and German) - In 2011, I got a certification from a course which was about publishing, editing, proofreading and press (Herzog) - In 2012, I graduated from the University of Florence with a degree in Modern Literature (3 years). - In 2014, I graduated from the University of Rome with a degree in Modern Philology (2 years). And these are my past works: - In 2011, I wrote the essay "Parole in libertà" about the work of Anna Maria Giunti Mani, printed by Polistampa - In 2011, I wrote the book "Mathematica Doctrinalis" about the work of Giovanni Bianchi, printed by LG Publishing - In 2012, I worked for E-ducation as an editor, proofreader and translator with publishings like Giunti, Feltrinelli, and newspapers like Corriere della Sera, L'espresso- In 2013, I worked for Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo an editor, proofreader and translator - From 2006, I worked for many newspapers like The Huffington Post, Blasting News, The Social News, Punto Informatico, Stupenda Toscana, ecc. and a huge amount of blogs - From 2006, I worked for content marketplaces as an editor, proofreader and translator (Wikio experts, Mag news, Melascrivi, O2O, Italian Bloggers, Scribox, Populis Create, Textmaster, Textbroker, Great Content, iWriter) - From 2006, I worked with web agencies as an editor, proofreader, translator, SEO optimizer, link builder I've just opened VAT, so you could ask me for bigger works to to if you want. I will be always online if you would like to discuss through a text interview. Otherwise, contact me by email ( Thank you for consideration, Valerio Gestri, professional writer

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