Vesna Drofenik

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

B2B Wordsmith (Marketing, Tech, Gaming)

I’m a creative entrepreneur with a strong educational and work background in marketing and economics. A passionate strategist at heart, I’m never one to miss the forest for the trees – but I’m also always happy to get my hands dirty and execute by focusing on one tree at a time.

I am a co-founder at Unuaondo, a digital studio committed to building honest and authentic products. Since its inception in early 2018, we have built two digital businesses and brought them to market, as well as helped 6 of our clients solve concrete business, tech, and marketing problems.

I am a big believer in the T-shaped skillset, and it is the way I have structured my profile as well. I have a variety of applied knowledge and experience in general business aspects, for example strategy, finance, accounting, and legal, while my professional as well as academic focus lies in marketing. And even within marketing, I focus most deeply on what I feel is the most timeless and versatile skill of them all – storytelling.

Tools and channels change from year to year, but the ability to forge words into a resonating story stands the test of time. This is why I have focused on excellence in my services of content marketing and copywriting, both for traditional media and the web. I feel most comfortable in a B2B context but I'm not afraid to tackle consumer topics, especially electronics, gaming, and geek culture.
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Guide, Article, Landing Page, Buyers Guide, Whitepaper, Website Copy, Checklist, Blog Post, Email Newsletter
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School of Economics and Business, Ljubljana University, MSc, Marketing
School of Economics and Business, Ljubljana University, BSc, International Business
Ljubljana, Slovenia|English, Slovenian

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