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I love helping business owners and creatives design their ideal life with Design Thinking and Emotional Intelligence

My story might sound like the typical millenial quarter-life crisis. After doing all the "right" things and graduating the University of Washington with a 3.6 GPA in Informatics: Human-Computer Interaction, starting an educational 5-year career at Accenture, one of the largest technology consulting firms as a web developer and product manager, I hit a wall. I looked up and ahead of my trajectory and realized I was not happy with it. I was tossed around by management and leadership from project to project, none of which had the positive impact on people that I cared about. The worst part is, in all of that chase for the societal expectations of success, I left behind my child-like sense of wonder and curiosity. I lost my love for writing, telling stories, and connecting with people on a more emotional level.

I looked internally at myself and realized how stagnant I was in my own personal and professional development because of this lack of creativity in my life. I had all the technical skills to do my job, but none of the soft skills that would help me exceed at my job, relationship management, or have confidence to be myself.

From that point on, I've dedicated my personal studies on emotional intelligence and personal development. Building more positive habits and sources of joy into my life has increased confidence within myself and what I want out of life, which is to help others through deep reflection via online media and personal coaching.
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University of Washington, Bachelor's of Science - Informatics: Human-Computer Interaction
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