Victoria Craw


A Budding Writer from the Garden State

I'm a Writing Arts/Education Major at Rowan University. I write both fiction and nonfiction, blogs, articles, and sometimes poetry. I occasionally write children's books. I have a few different categories in which I mainly write, which I listed on my profile. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends.
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Rowan College at Gloucester County, AA in Education
Glassboro, NJ, USA|English

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Blog Post
IWA Day One Homework- Modality of a podcast
September, 13 2018
Blog Post
Day 2 Homework-Sound Blogging

This is another blog post written for class

September, 16 2018
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A Broken Home.pdf

This is a personal poem I have written.

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This is the beginning of a book aimed at ages 10-12

PDF upload

This is a guide done for a class project on Autism. I have Autism so this was near and dear to my heart.
Blog Post
Day 3 Homework- Depth in Sound

This is a blog post I wrote for a homework assignment that I was particularly proud of. It is a review of a cover song. I enjoyed writing it and I received an "A" grade.

September, 19 2018
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