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One of my main goals when it comes to creative writing is making connections of seemingly minute interests to broad, controversial topics. Music is a strong passion of mine, Kpop specifically, and being an avid listener of this specific genre for almost four years has given me multiple perspectives on how people see and consume "foreign" cultures and languages. Although my portfolio is still growing and doesn't show all of my interests in this field, I believe it does provide evidence on how I enjoy interpreting topics that are becoming more and more vocalized daily.

As a recent college graduate, I am still learning, testing the waters, and exploring new mediums. I may still be a newbie in many areas, but I am eager to experiment and improve.
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Salisbury University, BAA in English

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Blog Post
Analyzing Visual Media : DOVE

This blog explores the importance of well-placed and well-timed audio and visual cues in media, and the consequences of hidden agendas.

December, 2 2017
Blog Post
Hashtag Analysis: #BTSBBMAs

My main goal for this blog post was to showcase the effects of social media hashtags, specifically Twitter, and how just one hashtag can bring individuals together and quickly spark activism worldwide.

September, 16 2017
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