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Content Strategist, Editor, Writer

Not a guru, maven, ninja or rock star.

I currently serve as President of Social Media Club Phoenix. I'm also an active member of and contributor to the #yesPHX startup community. I honed my digital and social media marketing skills through time spent at the Arizona Republic, Facebook and IO Datacenters. A native of Providence, Rhode Island, I've made Arizona my home for the last 12+ years with my wife and two daughters, and don't plan on leaving the Valley of the Sun.
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Rhode Island College, B.A., Communications
Phoenix, AZ|English


Talking Live Video Analytics on the Social Media Social Hour Podcast
January, 9 2017
Keep Your Personalized Marketing Transparent
March, 11 2018
Snapchat Geofilter Ideas – Part 2
April, 27 2016
Blog Post
How HQ Trivia Can Monetize Itself: A Text Thread

HQ Trivia is the hottest mobile app since Pokemon Go, but are they (or can they) make any money with a trivia game?

January, 8 2018
Phoenix Startup Week 2018: A Look Back
February, 28 2018
Blog Post
Startups: Use Social Media Tools Early and Often to Get Ahead

This is a look at effective ways for startups to utilize social media for business growth, even at the very beginning of life for their product or service.

March, 1 2017
Blog Post
Don’t Do It, Snapchat

A plea to Snapchat regarding their decision to change the app around.

November, 7 2017
Innovation: Which Brands Still Got It?
February, 15 2018
Blog Post
Millennials Are Smart, Brands…Not So Much

Millennials too often get lumped in together and portrayed with sweeping generalizations that are not truly accurate. Let's try to fix that.

September, 7 2017
Pokemon GO: What’s a Lure and How Do I Use It to Attract Customers to My Small Business?
July, 18 2016
Facebook Extends Olive Branch to Conservatives…Does It Matter?
May, 22 2016


Blog Post
Cubs Win! Jagermeister Blows the Social Media Save

An example of how one brand could have potentially capitalized, positively, on a once-in-a-lifetime situation.

October, 27 2016

Blog Post
28 Tips on How to Avoid Facebook Jail

A list of do's and don'ts to help you stay far away from Facebook "jail".

January, 9 2017
Blog Post
How Snapchat is Beating Facebook, Twitter and Others in the News Game

Snapchat continues to be underrated when it comes to its effective and real-time ability to report not just on breaking news, but news in general.

July, 18 2016


Blog Post
DeVito, Dinklage, and Dodge: How We Rated The Super Bowl Ads

Which ads won or lost the day from the 2018 Super Bowl? We take a look back and call it like we see it.

February, 6 2018
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