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I am a graduate student from Management faculty and I have got major in finance. I live in Kathmandu, Nepal with my granny and
grandpa. Meanwhile, during my college days I had worked for an advertising company as an intern and after that I pursued to work as a writer full time and as per now it's been a more than a year, I have been working as a content writer. So far, I have worked in a
site like And currently, I am working in a site called For instance, after working a year I found that my academic background as well as my experience in advertising company have helped me to write in a variety of content. As a management student I can write effectively about marketing, branding, and advertising and at the same time the website I am currently working for is concerned about promoting Nepal. So, I am writing about travelling, historic places, festivals, indigenous people and so on. Furthermore, I would like carry o my passion and I hope I could get some work here.
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Kathmandu BernHardth College, Bachelor In Business Studies
Kathmandu Nepal|English, Hindi, Nepali

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