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Creative, Simple, Fun

Three words: Creative, Simple, Fun.

My way of writing is professional, well thought out and excellently portrayed elegantly for all readers to enjoy. I enjoy creative writing, proofreading, editing documents and otherwise sprucing things up to create to create phenomenal work that captivates the readers. I know precisely how to make excellent work for the client, fit to the tee and a little extra to give them satisfying and high quality work. These are my natural talents, so expect naturally amazing results.

These are my first attempts to the freelancing career, and currently interested in building up my CV for future clients. Overall I am looking to gain more experience by working in this field and reach out to many potential clients seeking raw talent.
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News Article Summary and Analysis

This project is a critical analysis and summary of a news article on "The Guardian" about a cultural sport in Kazakhstan. The purpose is to create a clear summary and analysis connecting it to the subject of Anthropology and the study of culture and the nation-state. Libre Office Writer, Google Docs and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC were all used in the creation of, editing and proofreading of this project. The end result is a neat, well written assignment that summarizes what the author wrote in their journal and connects the ideas and concepts to cultural and nation-state in anthropology.

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Rebellion Poem.pdf

This is a project on creative poetry, one poem out of the collection of poetry I have written. The purpose is to convey creative expression and meaning in relation to events the past and by using rhymes through various words. By using Libre Office Writer and then later converted to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, the poem was created through use of vocabulary and rhyming programs. The end result is an ongoing list of poetry which is really a hobby that I enjoy, yet still expresses my proficiency in creative writing.

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History Report - The Edict of Milan

The purpose of this report is a summary and critical analysis of the historical document "Edict of Milan" by Lactantius while citing references to Christopher Dawson in "The Making of Europe". Using the historical documents and the book references, the report was created summarizing the documents meaning followed by the analysis as to why the article was written and to what purpose and function. The end result is a professional and clean report that is clear, concise and to the point. This article displays mastery summarizing articles and writing an analysis to the meaning and purpose of the whole thing.

October, 4 2017
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A Good Butchers Resume

The client was looking to create a presentable and excellent resume to submit to businesses hiring butchers. This document was created using the combination of Libre Office Writer, Google Dcs, and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. The assigned task was successful. The client was able to find a job and was hired for the position as a butcher within a supermarket.

October, 10 2018
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Canadian-Australian Timezone Schedule Spreadsheet

Both clients goal was to create an easy to use and interactive excel document to track both clients schedules in their respective time zones which can be updated by both clients and changes can be observed in each others time zones. In this case both clients where looking for a way to match their living schedules between Eastern Canadian time zone and Eastern Australian time zone. The document created was done on Google Docs for the clients to share with each other, with time zones programmed and taken into account in a way for both clients to see what each person is doing at any given hour, and the time within each others schedule built on a weekly basis. The project was a great success as the cells were locked and programmed in such a way that one client can update their schedule which would be seen in the black shaded areas of the other clients schedule. The end result is a very neat and flexible excel document that servers their needs to stay in touch.

September, 17 2018
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Short Story - The Demon of Envy

This was not created for a particular client, but instead a short story written as a metaphor for past events in life. The goal was to express my creative talent in an interesting story in order to convey my talent in writing, editing, and proofreading. This project was created using a combination of Libre Office Writer, Google Docs and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. This expresses my proficiency in documentation programs on the creation of this short story. This project is successful in that I take pride in this work, having done it for my own volition, and has become a sample short story to my ever expanding document of story stories and dreams.

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