Vlad Vaslyn

Crafting Engagement Since 2001

As a marketing manager, author, publisher, and blogger, I know all too well that the key to engaging the audience most important to you is a catchy, thoughtful, and clear message.

It’s what separates success from failure, and what makes readers remember you when it matters most: when they’re about to enlist your services or buy your product.

*My niche areas include, but are not limited to: Marketing, Creative Writing, Publishing, Outdoors, Fitness, HVAC, Social Media, and Fiction.*

For the past seventeen years, I’ve been creating:

-Blog posts
-Website Content
-Television Commercials
-Radio Commercials
-Newspaper Articles
-Print & E-books (fiction, non-fiction)
-Newsletters (email, print)
-Academic Articles
-Sell Sheets
-Social Media Content
-Marketing Communications Materials

I use a collaborative approach and a creative mindset to craft content based on the needs and desires of your target audience, seamlessly meshing tone, style, brand, and content with informed messaging that readers will remember.

My customized content will deliver the return-on-investment you expect.

My preferred communication style is email, however I usually conduct at least one or two phone calls with prospective clients prior to the commencement of a project. This helps set expectations while forming the basis of a mutually beneficial relationship.

*I’m available for contract work, as well as short and long-term projects.
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