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Sports Medicine

Hello, I'm Vladislav and I am strength & conditioning coach and soon-to-be doctor.
I started my career as a professional fitness trainer several years ago and specialized in functional training, strength and conditioning and jujitsu.
I have medical background, as I am a student at Medical University Sofia, in Bulgaria so I have the academic knowledge in physiology, anatomy, biomechanics and so on.
I can be of use to you in many different areas of general health, nutrition and sports science.
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Sofia, Bulgaria|Bulgarian, English

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Blog Post
How to eat anything and stay healthy?

There is no such thing as a perfect diet and restricting some foods may be as detrimental to your health as overeating some others. Let me explain you how to be more free in your nutrition plan and work your way arround towards your goal.

June, 19 2018
Blog Post
Conditioning #1

Conditioning #1 is a short explanation of the preperation for my team in season 2017.

May, 7 2017
Blog Post
ᵠ training – session A

Training session explaining my approach to weightlifting.

March, 22 2017
Blog Post
The Chest

The Chest is one of the most commonly trained bodypart. It has a high priorty in every beginner workout. But how much attention does it really need?

February, 12 2017
Blog Post
Core Approach

The core approach goes into the anatomy of our abdominal and lower back muscles. A short example of how you should train yourself for better posture is given at the end of the blog post.

February, 19 2017
Blog Post

A basic categorization of the exercises. Beginner athletes should learn this information if they want to be able to understand how our body moves arround space.

March, 5 2017
Blog Post
Injuries and pains…

Basic overview of some of the more common sports injuries and pains in nonprofessional and beginner athletes.

March, 12 2017
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