Wasif Naqvi

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Want a distinct and inimitable, yet so simple and straight forward peace of work that'll "wow" everyone? Choose me today!

A clear and concise writer, especially in the field of "creative writing", and am able to adapt to any style of writing that is required. Will be available full time (with flexibility throughout the day), in order to reach YOUR requirements. Since young, I have written many stories, essays and poems, and taking English for A level had allowed me to elaborate my horizons on the knowledge I already possessed. At the age of 13, several poems of mine had been published in a book that had compiled poems within it, rendering my exquisite and eloquent writing qualities from a very young age. The fact that I attained a distinction (the highest possible grade one can achieve) in my speaking GCSE exam, with several teachers arguing that my speech was the top in the year, renders, my ability to communicate both verbally and on paper, and so deems me to be the candidate that you must choose. The teaching attained from primary school was so unique, yet so simple, that it allowed an inimitable writing style to be birthed- this was not only distinct from other styles, but also excelled in its eloquence, whilst also being clear- that very style grew over the years, and now, I believe that I possess a style that not many have acquired. This will allow myself to write the most distinct and aesthetic, yet most simple and clear, work for YOU.
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