Wayne Flint

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Graphic Designer

Lead iOS Engineer, ⇧ Top 10 Objective-C Developer, ⇧ Top 5 Swift, 10 years Google (Android)Engineer

UX Designers often enter the industry from an art or design background, and then work to fine-tune their research, information-gathering, and analytical skills.

I took the opposite path.

If you’ve ever seen Trevor Van Gorp’s UX iceberg, picture me starting from underwater climbing a giant ladder to the top of the iceberg. I began my career as a strategist, learned how to gather effective requirements, and then how to organize that information. Everything I learned during my climb “up the iceberg” has helped me succeed in my current design role.

The journey is far from over, but here is where my travels have taken me so far:

I started out by studying business for my undergraduate, concentrating in Strategy and Operations Management Science. (Market Research, Product Strategy, Statistics)

After graduating, I began my career at Phenom Apps as a consultant, working on projects in primarily business analyst roles with a side serving of project management. (Requirements Gathering, Optimizing Process Flows, Wireframes, Writing Specs, Managing Scope)

I eventually transitioned into into UX/UI Design and was promoted into Phenom Apps’s Interactive Experience Division. (User Centered Design Process, IA, UI Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping)

Through a combination of side projects and online courses, I worked to deliberately round out my overall Design skill set. (Visual Design, Branding, Usability Testing, User Research, Content Strategy)
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MIT, Master Degree Computer Science

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