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My name is Wayne Stone and I reside in Dallas, Texas, where I have lived for the last 25 years. I have just recently completed my MBA from the Texas A & M University. My ambition is to begin a career as a writer and at this stage I working at grabbing as many opportunities as possible in an effort to realize my goal. I do believe that I am a talented writer, but I also recognize that I have a lot o and my hope is that I continue to receive opportunities by which I can gain experience. I embrace criticism as I see it as opportunity just the same. I did very well as an academic writer and look to apply my talents in the world of professionals.
I have an extensive background in real estate as that has been my profession for over 10 years. I have worked 5 years in the public sector for the highway department so I have some great insight into how state government’s works. I am an avid sports fan, my favorites being baseball, football, and boxing, so I would love to write articles on these subjects. However, I do believe that I can cover most subjects and am encouraged by the idea that there will be many new concepts that I will become familiar with through my writing assignments.
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