Wesley Russenberger

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The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.


My name is Wesley, usually called Wes. I am 26 years in age currently and from Charlottesville, Virginia.
I consider myself to be a positive and uplifting individual with profound love for the human race. I am a very social creature and prefer interacting with others opposed to working alone. I can effectively convey complex ideas and perceptual understandings through comprehensible word structure, and exhibit a high level of empathy towards people I interact with.

Growing up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, outdoor experience came early and easily for me. I have a generous amount of time spent outdoors and participating in outdoor activities. From the time I was able to walk my parents began taking me on hikes predominantly at Shenandoah National Park which was a short distance from where we lived, resulting in an appreciation for nature from a young age. My love for the outdoors has taken me through so many wonderful experiences. When outdoors I am most at peace, truly content with the world around me.

I have an optimistic and productive nature along with an amorous aura. I love to make music and am also a proficient writer. I shine my brightest when I am surrounded by uplifting people and energies, and have always made friends easily. I have no restrictive health concerns and appreciate all foods from all cultures.

With this profile I am attempting to connect with specific projects around the world in order to gain experience and knowledge from a variety of sources. I love traveling and enjoy committing time and effort to communal goals. I intend to locate clients who require a dynamic individual with a wide range of abilities and acquired knowledge.
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Florida Gulf Coast University , BA COMMUNICATION - Public Relations
Fort Myers, FL, USA|English, Spanish

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