Sophia Bungay

Wickedly driven to turn any project into a inspired success!

I am a filmmaker and writer, currently in Santa Fe, NM. I am completed the Santa Fe University of Art and Design's Professional Film Media Certification and am ready to take things by storm! Previously I have had 20 years of experience working behind the scenes in the industry, and am ready to take it to the next level. This portfolio will highlight the work I have done in the past two years.

I plan to work on gaining more writing pieces and video clips for my portfolio; finding work on productions where I can get more credits on my cv, and prepping for the following year. I also will continue to work on Out of Abstract documentary, focussing on who the artists that will be featured in it will be; as well getting together Karmic Outlaw's production team and funding campaign going. Hopefully by the fall or next year we can be in production.

I am also going to start looking in the industry and corporate worlds, for career opportunities that might take it to the next level. The time is now and life is too short to wait any longer.

Sophia Bungay


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