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Hey, my name is Will - thanks for checking out my ClearVoice profile. Here is a bit of information about my background as a writer.


For the best part of the last decade, I have been writing quality SEO-driven content in a range of different industries under the umbrella of my own business, Sidekick Digital; including digital marketing, HR, sales, lifestyle, pets, beauty, real estate, home living, and even manufacturing. I believe by asking the right questions, conducting effective research, and following a proven writing process, a good writer can deliver quality outcomes in almost any industry.


I have received recognition for my writing in leading publications such as The Huffington Post, HubSpot, MarketingProfs, Quick Sprout, Business.com, Social Media Today, and Yahoo News, as well as contributing to the growth of dozens of digital businesses.


My love and knack for writing quality content have helped me launch and grow a digital footprint of over 500,000 people across social media (50k+ followers), an email list (10k+ users), and a series of successful publishing websites built on the back of organic SEO traffic (400K+ visitors per year).

Here are the brands I have created and grown with content marketing:



"I engaged Will Blunt as I needed someone who understood the challenges of building a business with blogging. He has freed me up from the daily grind of editing, publishing and marketing our posts. His writing skills and attention to detail have allowed me to concentrate on other vital projects. How would I describe Will? In two words... willing and awesome!"

Jeff Bullas, Social Media Expert & Founder of JeffBullas.com

"Before working with Will, creating quality content was time-consuming. I needed a quick and easy way to deliver content so I could focus on running my business. He helped take the hassle out of content creation. My main concern before working together was about whether he could deliver the same quality of work I was used to. I needn't have worried, as he exceeded my expectations - helping educate me on how to create better content."

Andy Farquharson, Director of APAC at Winning By Design

"I knew that good blog writing was something that could bring increased traffic to my website and also increase rankings on Google, but I wasn’t sure how to do it myself. Will knew exactly how to put a strategy in place and roll it out in a systematic way with high-quality pieces that brought a lot more people to the Gifted Australia website, and kept us at the front of our customers' minds. Everything was transparent and taken care of."

Bronwyn Campbell, Founder & CEO of Gifted Australia

"The reason we contacted Will was that we needed to execute a content marketing strategy and were looking for outside skills to help with both strategy and content production. Before working together our main concern was the quality of content, but after a few calls, Will had extracted key industry knowledge and insights which were then converted into an ebook and series of blog content. He exceeded my expectations. We work in a very niche space but the content that he produced is like that of an industry expert."

Joseph Doyle, Digital Marketing Manager Flexsource Ireland

"The time it takes to get content ready on a regular basis to build our online presence was a big problem for us. We understood the benefits of producing content but were time poor because of our involvement with our growing business.

Before working with Will, getting the content right in terms of quality was one of our first concerns. However, after the very first article we received, we realised that Will provided us with great quality content that has matched our expectations ever since we started working together 10-months ago.

After working together we increased traffic to our website and the engagement from our fans/followers on social media, especially via Facebook."

Aymeric Maudous, Business Development at MaisonNets


Before starting my own business, I led marketing for the launch of Dr. Peter Fuda’s international best-selling book Leadership Transformed, and grew multiple online communities for Peter, a globally recognised management practitioner, thinker, and researcher.


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (Marketing) and an MBA.
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