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After graduating from the College of William & Mary in 2017 with majors in History and Psychology I tutored for a time with Kaplan Test Prep before becoming a writer for War History Online.

As such. I have a general background in history, as well as more specific and deeper knowledge of military history. I have written about weapons development in various countries between World War 1 and the present, conflicts from Medieval times through the War in Afghanistan, specific leaders and units, and cultural attitudes around warfare.

I am interested in writing about a variety of historical topics, as well as movements and new discoveries in Psychology. Finally, I have been engaged in political activism for the last five years, and would be interested in writing for certain political causes as well (although I try not to mix politics with writing on other subjects).
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College of William & Mary, B.A. in History and Psychology
Fairfax, VA, USA|English

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