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The need to satisfy my client comes first, a happy client is the best asset I can have and is above any money paid

I'm Wilson Jaime, if I have to imagine a bird flying, I can not only imagine it but I can also see it, I love challenges because that's how I can learn about things, working on time I am always efficient because I am good at what I do, I love to commit- me because I like to do things with joy and I'm very enthusiastic. There is a moment when I feel that I can do everything, there is no limit impossible to reach, people just haven't figured it out yet, just like the speed of light, I don't believe it is the fastest speed in the universe, I just believe that the other speed is faster than light has not yet been found. For me there is no such thing as impossible, they said that I would not live until I was 7, today I am 28 years old, no medicine can say how I am still alive, so I consider myself beyond the impossible and beyond the possible. I feel like I can do anything and the fact that you're reading right now proves that
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