Wium Matfield

Graphic Designer

From an idea to a reality!

In a world of design there's an endless possibility of creativity and an opportunity to create something great. I have five years of experience in graphic, interior, architectural and website design, trying to grow and better my experience daily! I enjoy working with people and help them bring forth an idea from their head and transform it into a reality.

I specialise in interior design offering a platform to help you transform your space. I also have a furniture design online store on my website, giving you an opportunity to buy and custom design modern and practical furniture for affordable prices. I enjoy doing graphic design, focusing on illustrations, logos, business packages, t-shirt designs and many forms of graphics. I design websites and draw up technical drawings for renovations and/or buildings plans.
Content Types
Presentation, Infographic, Landing Page, Illustration, Page Layout, Graphic
More Information
Inscape Education Group, BDes Interior Design
Secunda, South Africa|Afrikaans, English

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