Soham Ganatra

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I write about technology, electronics, IOT hardware, cybersecurity, robotics, and other product guides. I can create how-to guides and blog posts for a particular product or technology.

I also convert videos into written blog posts.

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Content Types
Article, Blog Post, Website Copy, Video, Script, Product Description, Whitepaper, Ebook, Presentation, Checklist
More Information
University of Mumbai, Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics

Published Content

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Blog Post
9 Cybersecurity Tools for Testing Network Security.pdf

Tools used for testing your network security.

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Blog Post
Future Forward - The Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT).pdf

Blog Article written for a client on Internet of Robotic Things.

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Product Description

This is a product description of an electronic device which is used in the industry for automation and to drive motors which carry heavy load.

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Product Description

This is a product description for an industrial electronic part which is used for automation. The client requires description of these parts to put up on their website for the user to understand the details of the product.

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Datasheet RPIPA.pdf

I developed this technical datasheet from the schematics and pictures provided by the client. This was a really interesting job as I had to understand the technicalities from the given schematics (drawings) and then convert them into an understandable document.

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Blog Post
Cryptocurrency Noobs Guide.pdf

This was a freelance gig where the client wanted an article about Noobs Guide to Cryptocurrency.

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This article was written for one of the leading technology magazines called Digit. It is an article about how to create your own smart home and customize your TV to have an ambilight.

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