Wrick Talukdar

Photographer, Technical Writer, Writer

Two brushes - Fancy and Reverie ; One ladder - Feat ; One bucket of color - Splendor; Can you colour the world ?

Wet in sigh you loiter alone, in the surreal land of your own
Piles of belief fill your mind, as you drift alone in the passage twined
Sharp stones hurt your feet, reciting you of iron bleat
Trails beyond call you near, as you pace every year
Bright above hold you tight, as you dance the stages of life -

I am a professional IT Architect working in Health Care industry. But, my passion and dream helps me to travel the unknown paths of life and takes me everywhere and helps me find the candle of happiness. I love writing and photography and that is why I am an avid traveler who loves to explore. As I explore the world, I write and drift through the passage of life.
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