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I have been in the alternative health, fitness, spa, and hospitality business for 30 years. After a shoulder surgery 5 years ago I needed to shift gears a little bit. I then entered into teaching English as a foreign language in Mexico and Copywriting on the side. Covid-19 further directed my career by reducing students and moving to online platforms. The copywriting for amazon also slowed down as my clients had more time to do their own writing since we all become "work from home" employees. Which brings me to this moment of figuring out once again. Who am I and what am I going to do next?

Several years ago I walked the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port France to Finisterre Spain. This ancient pilgrimage route is roughly 500 miles and offers plenty of time to think and to be silent. I took on this journey before my shoulder gave out and well before any hint of a future pandemic. I felt very strongly that I wanted to write about this experience and to write about everything that my inner philosopher was sharing with me. When I returned to my "normal life" and hurried pace. The idea of writing moved to the back burner but has never stopped simmering.

It seems that, perhaps, the time for the writer to emerge is now. So, I signed up for 2 websites. I have opened up a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube account all for "Writer McLay". The ducks are almost all in a row but now the rubber needs to hit the road and I feel ready, excited, motivated, and in fact, a bit lost and overwhelmed all at once. I have created a void that needs to be filled. All these social platforms are waiting for content and of course, I need to also get a job writing. Laying the framework was bigger than I imagined but step by step I am arriving.

Today on the Freelance Writers Den I saw Brittany Flanagan in a Zoom meeting and was encouraged by her talk to sign up. I am in the very early steps of being "ready". The websites need work still, the social networks need profiles to be completed so you will not see much content yet but it is coming. I would love to write about personal philosophy, spiritual insights, Majic journeys etc but I could easily write about spas, preventative health topics, hospitality from esthetics and employees to the client. And, I have experience with copywriting for clients of amazon from dog toys and garlic presses to supplements and beauty supplies.

Give the new guy a chance! ha ha ha. Thank you for reviewing my wandering Bio.

Jason McLay

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Metropolitan State University of Denver, BS Health Sciences
Cambridge University, CELTA English Language Teacher for Adults
Santa Fe, NM, USA|English

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