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Freelance Writer, English Materials Creator, Cartoon Illustrator

As a passionate lover of English Language, I create study materials to help learners improve their writing and vocabulary. These materials are aimed at secondary school, junior college and pre-uni students as well as English learners who are taking IELTS or TOEIC exams. I want to address the pain point of writers being stuck for words, having difficulties expressing their thoughts/emotions concisely. My english learning community is at patreon.com/mikiti.

As an artistic and creative individual, I love to incorporate cute, cartoony designs, patterns and colors into my creative work I create. I like to do inky/hand-drawn illustrations of cartoon characters.

Being an English Language lover, I have started writing on a platform called Medium where I hope to inspire the others and get readers reflecting and thinking critically about issues that I will write about. Visit my Medium page at medium.com/@yaowarin.ho
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Nanyang Polytechnic, Diploma in Accountancy and Finance
Singapore|English, Thai

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Buyers Guide
Virtual Stylist

I collated different styles and looks for clients who used my virtual stylist service. I help style female clients according to their size, budgets, and body types and the image they would like to convey/express.

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Sample English Study Material - Ebook

A mock English study notes in an ebook form I have created for Tertiary to advanced English learners looking to improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

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Cartoon Illustration

A cartoon illustration I have created to incorporate into my ebook English study guide.

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English Study Material

A study material I have created to for English learners to learn vocabulary and reading a comprehension text.

Lesson 1 - Arts/Culture Article (Revamped Look)

I have created English study materials where English articles that learners will study are taken from variety of resources, written by professional writers in the trade. Learners will learn vocabulary and phrases used in the articles. By learning English phrases, collocations, new vocabulary and expressions, learners will be able to craft better writing pieces instead of using repetitive words or phrases they have always used in their writing.

October 30th, 2019
My Journey Of Starting My Side-Business

I wrote in a journal style, documenting my journey and struggles of starting my personal-project type of side business of creating English learning materials for secondary school, junior college students and those who are taking IELTS and TOEIC exams.

October 30th, 2019
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